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See:Saw Clothing started off as an university project whilst Simone was studying a BA (HONS) Fashion Design and Textiles at Reading University and has now become her world, passion and future.

See:Saw Clothing is a vibrant and innovative urban Menswear brand. Which has grown and developed into an inspiring brand working hard to push the boundaries of the Menswear industry.

With graphic art inspired prints and embroidery all designed by Simone. The careful selection of the fabric used complements each and every design. Each piece shows the highest attention to detail. Giving See:Saw Clothing that innovative edge.

See:Saw Clothing is the result of a well developed skill and years of experience, working hard to bring urban Menswear to the forefront of the fashion industry.

The name of the collection is a play on her initials Simone Adel Watson, who has worked hard to design and make the current collection.

Fashion is an industry that has always interested, inspired and has managed to take over almost every aspect of Simone’s life.

Her inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere, out of the blue and end up some how as part of her next design, colour scheme or fabric selection.
It can come from the crazy colour schemes you would find in the pic ‘n’ mix in your local shop to fashion shows, street trends, graphic art and graffiti. It interest her if it stands out, is different, weird and cutting edge.

The Philosophy of See:Saw Clothing “pursue your dream with conviction”.

Massive welcome to the World of See:Saw Clothing!